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Alzheimer´s & Dementia

Supporting you 24hrs a Day

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia at home is a difficult task

and can become overwhelming at times. 

With the Angels devices we aim to make life just that little bit easier. Along with

the GPS location trackers that will identify where the person is, we can set


Geo-Fencing is a simple tool that allows us to make a radius around an individuals home. We set the Geo-Fencing so that if the person leaves the designated area then an alert will be received at the Angels Head Office to inform us of such an event. Once an alert has been sent we act immediately in order to make sure that the individual is safe and secure, while liaising with their loved ones, friends & Family.

With the Angels Personal Pendant & Watch we are able to activate a call to the device to speak directly with the individual, making sure that they know they are not alone or scared. 


Our aim is to make sure that as the care giver, you have the support of knowing that no matter what happens, between us we will find them and bring them home...  

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Check Out Our Personal Pendant & Watch To Understand More

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