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GPS Locator & SOS 2 Way Call Personal Pendant

The Angels GPS Personal Pendant is designed for monitoring and protecting people and property. In case of an emergency, the person can activate it by pressing the SOS button on the unit and the two-way voice communication function will allow you to talk with tracking target just like a mobile phone. Its built in 3D-G-sensor can be used for motion/shock alarm, elderly falling, power management and much more...

  • Real time tracking & monitoring

  • High GPS accuracy & AGPS support

  • Simple SOS button activation

  • 2 way calling

  • Docking station for easy charging

  • Fall detector

  • GEO safe zones

  • No movement alarm

  • Voice monitoring


If you are looking for a Personal Pendant that you can take with you anywhere in Spain then our Angels GPS Locator with built in 2 way calling feature is a must. 

  • GPS Location Finder - Sends your exact location to the Angels Call Centre as you activate the SOS button on the front of the device.

  • SOS 2 Way Communications - Built in loud speaker and mic so you can communicate directly.

  • Geo-Fencing - Set boundaries around a fixed location - As the device leaves the fixed location, alerts will be sent to the Angels Call Centre.

  • Real Time Tracking by GPS Satellite.

  • Fall Detector - Built in to send alerts whenever a member has fallen.

  • Movement Alarm - Programmed if you or a loved one needs to be reminded to be more active.