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Working With Us
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Cambio al español

Enjoy the  Administrative Support the Angels can bring to your life


The Angels primary role has always been to liaise with the Spanish emergency services. Nothing is worse then coming up against communication barriers when at your most vulnerable. The Angels make sure you get the help you need when you need it and can provide on the spot emergency medical translation 24/7.

Emergency Medical Translation 24/7

We provide assistance making appointments with the Spanish health service and even remind you of upcoming appointments. As well as chase specialist departments with longer waiting lists.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Calls

We make sure that you are not alone and we have many members that just want someone to say they are OK! We speak to all our members regularly and if you just want someone to check on you, then we are here watching over you...

Access to Professional Translators

As part of the Angels Nursing Group, Angels Emergency Response has access to many private English speaking medical professionals, and should you need any advice we always have nurses on call.

Medical Advice from English Medical Professionals