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Home Alarm & Pendant 

We provide the confidence for loved ones to stay at home independently and continue living in familiar surroundings, safe in the knowledge that they know where to turn. With a fully equipped call centre, our trained and experienced Angels operators are available 24 hours a day to deal with any medical issue at the push of a button.

Once you are a member of the Angels Emergency Response we will take all the worry away from you, from detailed direction sheets to your property as well as GPRS readings, this enables us to talk to any of the emergency services to your front door, taking the pressure away from you. 

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We will hold all your medical records, giving us a clear understanding of your medical history and current health status, enabling us to advise the medical services in advance of important information to ensure correct and speedy treatment. We will hold contact details of your family and close friends so that we are able to inform them of your progress after an illness/accident. The membership allows you to seek over the phone medical advice from one of our qualified nurses 24 hours a day.