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Working With Us
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Your Personal Safety & Security


Living Alone or Isolated?

Sometimes it can be worrying living alone, as you don't always have somewhere

to turn when you need it. 

With the Angels Membership you know you can turn to us 24 hours a day,

365 days per year and your Angels will be here ready and willing to help!

It does not matter if you are at home, shopping or out with friends, at the push of a button you have instant access to help to an extended family that are trained in making sure you are watched over. 

Your Membership Is Your Key To Independence


Do You Enjoy The Outdoors & Walking?

What happens if you are out walking and fall?

How do you get help?

How do they find you?

How long would you be stuck there?

We have you covered...


Cycling & Staying Healthy

What happens if you fall off your bike?

Or you get lost?

You are staying healthy but are you Safe?

How are you going to call for help?

We have you covered...


Protecting You & Your Loved Ones

Who are you calling if there is an Emergency?

How are you guiding them to your location?

Who is supporting you or your loved ones?

Do you Speak enough Spanish?

We have you covered...